Friday, March 21, 2014

Citrus Bar Soap Without Harmful Chemicals !

Happy Friday Everyone ! Today we are going to give some warning advice about the SOAPS INGREDIENTS .
Some soaps contain chemicals and others use more natural ingredients but Natural Handcrafted Soap Company is all ” NATURAL “.
Chemical additives are then added to boost the soap’s cleaning power or provide scent. These chemicals can be dangerous to skin.
Regular soaps often contain chemicals in the form of artificial fragrance and colors. With so many toxins , do you really want to add more chemicals in the soap you use to clean yourself?
soap bar
Bah! We are Living in the World like the lemon juice is made with artificial flavors and the Dish washer is made with Real Lemon .
Handmade Soap is soap in its true, pure form. It gently cleanses away excess oils and bacteria, but doesn’t strip your skin of its natural oils.
Citrus soap
Why you may ask, should I buy handmade soap when I can get more soap for less money at the grocery store?
Generally, the commercial soaps carried at most chain stores, etc. are full of chemical additives, additives that not only dry out your skin but can lead to rashes and other irritations.This is not only because of the synthetic additives in the soap but also because most soap companies take the glycerin out of their soap. The commercial soap bars that line most grocery stores’ shelves are actually synthetic detergents. While that’s great for your dishes, it’s not very good for your skin.
Using commercial soaps over time leave your skin dried out, or way to oily ,and feeling like its never clean. Natural handmade soap, that only uses natural ingredients, can restore the moisture to your skin, while still getting you clean. You will be amazed at the difference!
  • Try a natural soap like  Florida citrus sunshine  or Natural Handcrafted Grapefruit , maybe the Lemongrass soap (citrus soap available)   .

  • It is my fave with a great lemongrass scent, and I keep one in the kitchen as well as in the bathroom
  • Select soaps that have been scented with essential oils, not chemicals
  • Change conventional shampoos for a natural shampoo such as one by Ojon Ultra Hydrating Shampoo.
Get clean daily the natural way with citrus handmade soaps
Wonderful Citrus Soaps Made With The Best Citrus Oils Available
Read more information on unique varieties of citrus soap that may just reinvent your morning shower.
Regular use of Natural Artisan Soap from citrus essential oils , helps protect the skin from sun damage and lightens age spots.

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Best Natural Soap Sales – San Francisco and New York

Luxuriously high quality natural  soap,
created by hand using the cold process from a small batches that is what people from
San Francisco, California want mostly
Brazilian Oil Soap, For the best anti aging skin care treatment. This is a wonderful soap made from lots of great oils from the Amazon – Rainforest .

Brazil Oil Soap
Brazil Oil Soap – San Francisco (CA) Love IT!
Unsent Milk Soaps and Sea Kelp
Tuesday finding a cancer-causing chemical in 98 shampoos, soaps and other personal care products sold by major national retailers.
The chemical, cocamide diethanolamine (cocamide DEA),
a chemically-modified form of coconut oil used as a thickener or foaming agent in many products, was listed by California as a known carcinogen last year.
A truly natural soap will not have been made using those ingredients.
Because of all these multiple  words that most of us can’t pronounce, many people are turning to handmade, all natural soap .
New york City -  Some say it’s like the soap scent  what they grew up with, others prefer the “squeaky clean” unscented soaps  feeling of bar soap and others just like
the fact that it’s natural than body wash and not contain chemical products.
Gift Handcrafted soap
Variety Of Natural Soaps for New York Gifts
Castile Soap
Large Soap Bar
Everyone can benefit from using our handmade  natural soaps – So why you not get yours today!



Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Natural Handcrafted Soap Guide to Flawless Skin

Even if you are not naturally blessed with perfect skin,
it is very easy to create the effect using natural soaps.

Follow our  Handmade Soap guide to find the products that are ideal for you.
Identified your product below, click to find the soap for you.
Do you want a radiance skin?
Clay soap ingredients – cleans away oil and dirt.
Handmade Soap  Morrocan Clay Citrus
Handmade Soap Moroccan Clay Citrus
Is your skin easily irritated?
Try Natural handcrafted soap (Milk Soaps)
Natural Handcrafted Soap Guide to Flawless Skin
Do you want to minimize fine lines while you moisturize?
Copaiba coconut milk soap reduce the appearance of wrinkles and moisturize.
Handmade Soaps with Organic Oils and Butter
Natural Handcrafted Soap Guide to Flawless Skin
Are you concerned about uneven skin tone?
Volcanic Ash soap helps prevent new discoloration caused by sun exposure.
Volcanic Ash with Patchouli Soap _ body Soap
Volcanic Ash with Patchouli Soap _ body Soap
Do you have acne-prone skin?
Dead Sea Mud soap – clean oil and dirt from pores
and Sea kelp –chamomile soap make it gentle enough to use every day.

Natural Handcrafted Soap Guide to Flawless Skin
Natural Handcrafted Soap Guide to Flawless Skin
Sea-soap2Does your skin tend to get blotchy or red?
Try Geranium , Milk , Olive Oil , Castile.
Natural Handcrafted Soap Guide to Flawless Skin
Does your eye area tend to get puffy?
Brazil Coffee Soap temporarily tighten the skin around the eyes, helps reduce inflammation.
Natural Handcrafted Soap Guide to Flawless Skin
Do you wake up with dark circles—even after hours of sleep?
Coffee Soap Luxury Scrub fades discoloration and softens skin .
Do you want to get rid of a couple of dark spots ?
Dead Sea Mud – Sea Salt -to fade existing discoloration and helps prevent further pigment-producing damage.

Sunday, January 26, 2014

A collection of unique and beautiful handmade soaps to make every celebration extraordinary.

Happy Valentine’s Gift
“Anyone who knows me will tell you I love soap.
These great big giant bars have the most beautiful artisan handcrafted soaps old style print, and they smell amazing delicious …
They’ve been my favorites for years.” May Loo
These great big giant bars have the most beautiful artisan handcrafted soaps
What do you get when you combine age-old Italian Chef with Brazilian Naturalist?
The Best Natural Soaps Ingredients Organic and Natural! Edited by Liisa Sullivan
Lavender – Lovely Soap – with Dead Sea Mud and Rose Clay !
Assorted Guest Soap Gift Set
Four moisturizing variety , 3.5 oz soaps beautifully scented with notes of tangerine, peppermint,coffee or honey milk’s.
Variety Of Milk Soap , Citrus , Peppermint , Lavender , Jasmine
She’ll take it personally if you give her a handmade gift natural fragrant 1 pound soaps (scented French Soaps)
Old Style -Jasmine French Soap
Goat’s Milk and Pear berry -Made from milk honey and beeswax sourced from local, sustainable,
chemical-free hives and Farm fresh goat’s milk, this bar soap is giant in moisture,, and nourishes your skin..
Goat’s Milk and Pear berry Awesome Soap for Kids …
The Art of Shaving Volcanic Ash Soap– Patchouli
Male Body and face soap –so he can get a perfect shave anywhere.
Volcanic Ash Soap– Patchouli Soap
Not only does this handmade soap box set look pretty; its contents
(Jasmine lilac , Blossom Honey Soap , Goat’s milk , Coffee and Citrus Soaps)Smells amazing, too.
Happy valentines handmade soap
Jasmine , Lilac and Lavender (French Soaps) -inspired by 18th-century botanical for women – seductive, beautiful fragrance.
Like a beautiful, blooming French garden.
Jasmine , Lilac and Lavender (French Soaps)
Sensuous, rich, refreshing. This unisex soaps has two selling points:
It’s a scented and unscented soap with Dead Sea ingredients -
it’s a whole lot cheaper than a ticket to the Dead Sea.”— wrote Ismael.
Soap for who washes up a hundred times a day: ( Castile Olive) to pamper and moisturize skin.